Jeff is a long time local legendary fire breathing rocki'n guitar slinger with a strong penchent for mouldy wedding cake, raw meat and warm Budwieser. Jeff really smokes... no really.
Rick, known locally as the "Temple Place bitch magnet", rocks with style. Whether cruising in his T-Bird or relaxing with a Manhattan on Bixby2 (his private 32 foot Yacht), Rick knows the score.
Jim.....Well If you had to ask, you wouldn't understand anyway.
Bill is the fast talki'n smooth walki'n 360 degree drum stick twerli'n, skin blisteri'n smoke show drumming fire brand and local veteran rock diety. Bill's got the goods.
Rachel is our personal spiritual advisor, psychic consultant and truckstop diner waitress. Blood Sweat and Gears DOES NOTHING without first consulting our oracle over a blue plate special and a hot black "cup-a-joe".
Blood Sweat & Gears

John Lincoln Wright said:
"Blood Sweat & Gears sounds like Dave Dudley meets the Ramones"

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Blood Sweat & Gears are four drop outs of New England Tractor-Trailer Training School who quickly discovered that grinding gears and life on the road was to much like actual work, so they decided to sing about it instead.
Rick, Jim, Jeff and Bill slam Blood Sweat and Gears into overdrive with hard edge "country rocki'n truckabilly" that's hotter'n the pavement on the Central Texas turnpike. keep on truckin...